Education Programs

The following forest-related programs are offered free of charge to students of any age, to special interest groups, or as training workshops for teachers. Each can include classroom lessons, field activities, or both. All lessons are designed to meet state education standards. All materials, including instructor, are provided. Contact Program Coordinator, Susan Honea, for more information or to register.

  • FOREST ECOLOGY OF THE KLAMATH BASIN: Learn about life cycles of trees, forest succession, what trees need to grow, forest canopy cover, and forest diseases and insects.
  • FORESTRY LESSON: Experience how foresters age trees and measure height and diameter to determine board foot value of timber. This is a great real-life math experience for Grades 6-12.
  • FOREST PRODUCTS: Learn about the wide variety of materials created from trees, and learn how they are processed. Explore local timber mills and processes used to create wood products locally.
  • MAP, COMPASS, and FINDING MY WAY IN THE FOREST: Learn how to use a compass, orient a map, find your location, and determine direction of travel. Then use these skills to navigate throughout your local forests.
  • TREE IDENTIFICATION: Learn how to use dichotomous keys and field guides to identify native trees of Oregon.
  • FISH BIOLOGY: Learn about diversity and special adaptations of the fish inhabit the rivers of the Klamath Basin.
  • FOREST WILDLIFE: Learn about animals that inhabit local forests, wetlands, streams, and lakes, from mammals to birds to reptiles. Special forest bird lesson available.
  • BIRD MIGRATION: Learn about migrations of forest-dwelling birds through the Klamath Basin.
  • MACROINVERTEBRATE SAMPLING and IDENTIFICATION: Discover the invertebrates in your local forest lakes, streams, and ponds, learn how to identify them and how they can be used to indicate stream health.
  • WATER QUALITY: Learn what dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, and phosphates and nitrates mean to a forested stream system and how to test for them.


Klamath County School Forestry Tour

The goal of the School Forestry Tour program is to provide students with a natural resource management career awareness experience and instill an appreciation for the importance of forest resources to the quality of life and economy of our area. Volunteers from diverse natural resource management disciplines in government and private resource management organizations present information programs at eight educational stations designed to educate and spark the imagination of the students.


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