School Enrichment

OSU Klamath County Extension Office has a wide variety of curriculum materials available for educators.  These teaching tools are prepared to provide you with activities that will enrich your existing program.  Please contact us if you would like more information.  Here are some of the tools available:A B C on a chalkboard

  1. 4-H Agriculture in the Classroom--various lesson plans to incorporate the importance of agriculture

  2. From Ridges to Rivers--watershed explorations

  3. 4-H Wetland Wonders--water quality

  4. About You & Me--self-esteem, expressions, decision making

  5. Earth Connections--interdependence of earth's soil & water

  6. E.M. Power--waste management concerns, make informed decisions, develop creative solutions

  7. On Common Ground: Endangered Species;Recreational Trails--critical thinking; Water Quality--critical thinking; Wetlands--critical thinking

  8. Give Water a Hand--making a difference in their community & on the environment

  9. Explore the World of Small Animals

  10. Talking With TJ--conflict resolution & team-building skills

  11. Kaleidoscope: Just Outside the Door--learn more about the world around you Family Celebrations--learn more about people in their own country and in other countries

  12. Master Gardeners--classroom demonstrations

  13. Nutri-Kids:Create a Rainbow Garden--healthy foods, nutrition, & advertising Go Around the World--research life in other countries Visit Goodeater Farm--where food comes from Visit the Zoo--nutrients, zoo animals' eating habits

  14. Recycling Adventures--waste management concepts

  15. Wildlife Stewards--transform local school-ground unused areas into landscaped, wildlife habitats & learn about water cycles, food chains, & biodiversity

  16. The Incredible Egg - From Egg to Chick--embryology, math, science