Klamath Basin

Background Information

Map of the Klamath River Basin Land Cover

The greater Klamath Basin is often divided into the Upper and Lower Klamath Basins.


Upper Klamath Sub-Basins

Lower Klamath Sub-Basins

Sprague River, Oregon (1,029,824 acres) Upper Klamath West, California, Oregon (489,887 acres)
Williamson River, Oregon (934,490 acres) Shasta, California (508,481 acres)
Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon (464,903 acres) Scott, California (520,612 acres)
Lost River, Oregon (1,926,303 acres) Salmon, California (480,178 acres)
Upper Klamath East, Oregon, California (416,786 acres) Lower Klamath, California, Oregon (984,709 acres)
Butte Creek, California, Oregon (386,034 acres) Trinity, California (1,303,253 acres)
  South Fork Trinity, California (594,895 acres)

Total = 5,158,340 acres

Total = 4,882,015 acres

Klamath Basin Grand Total Area = 10,040,354 acres


Upper Klamath Basin

The Upper Klamath Basin includes the headwaters in south-central Oregon and north-central California, and contains the US Bureau of Reclamation's (BOR) Klamath Project Area. The Lower Klamath Basin, includes the mouth of the Klamath River in the northwest coast region of California. The Klamath Basin is further divided into sub-basins, as shown in the map above and the tables below.


The Upper Klamath Basin consists of the six hydrologic sub-basins that occur above the Iron Gate dam, and are included in the BOR's Klamath Project. It includes the Williamson, Sprague, Upper Klamath Lake, Lost, Butte and Upper Klamath (East) sub-basins. The Upper Klamath Basin covers 5.6 million acres. It is located in 3 counties in Oregon: Jackson, Lake and Klamath, with Klamath having the largest share; and two counties in California: Siskiyou and Modoc.



Lower Klamath Basin

The Lower Klamath Basin consists of the six hydrologic sub-basins that occur below Iron Gate, plus the West section of the Upper Klamath sub-basin. It includes the Shasta, Scott, Lower Klamath, Salmon, Trinity, South Fork Trinity, and the Upper Klamath (West) sub-basins. The Lower Klamath Basin flows through the California counties of: Trinity, Humboldt, and Del Norte.



National Water and Climate Center- Klamath Basin Special Reports

Reports from the National Water and Climate Center present a variety of information related to snowpack and water supply conditions.


Klamath Watershed Conference

Basin-wide watershed conferences have been held in the Klamath River Watershed for nearly ten years. In 2001, 2004 and 2006, large-scale Watershed Conferences were successfully held in Arcata, CA, Klamath Falls, OR and Redding, CA respectively to increase basin-wide collaboration by bringing together the different entities to discuss unresolved questions about what the problems and solutions are in the Klamath Basin. These conferences brought diverse communities together, focusing on what we know while encouraging change where possible, and acknowledged existing accomplishments and built upon them by encouraging broader awareness and participation from stakeholders throughout the basin. The Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center is a strong supporter of these conferences as well as other stakeholder-based efforts in the Basin.