4-H Recognition & Scholarships

Recognition and scholarship opportunities are available to 4-H members of various ages.  Contact us for further information.

Some of the many opportunities available to youth in the 4-H program include:

Local/County opportunities

State opportunities (view 10/14/11 webinar)

National opportunities

Put your best foot forward...tips & tricks:

We encourage 4-H members to start keeping excellent record books in their first years of 4-H so all of their hard work will be evident to anyone who reads their record book. Even the youngest members can benefit as they begin the process of recording all the information that they need to share.  One of the biggest mistakes is that youth will not include the activities and experiences that best highlight their efforts in the 4-H program and in their life. There are several things to remember when you start working on cover letters and applications:

  • Reviewers will only know you from the information you provide - if you don’t tell them they will not know.
  • Your application is YOU on paper, let them know the real you.
  • Not every application needs to look alike, make each one showcase you for the purpose of the scholarship or award.
  • Move things around for each application, listing the most important things first, moving to less applicable things.  Choose to leave non-applicable things off the list.
  • Keep it short, simple and to the point of the application and purpose of the scholarship.
  • Be real:  if you have learned through more mistakes than successes, then share that.
  • You are not expected to be perfect or to have done all things well - none of us are programmed for that.
  • Start early and have lots and lots of folks look at your work.  You don’t have to take every suggestion, but you need others to look at your work as each will see something nobody else noticed.
  • After you have written and reviewed your own work, you begin to read what you want it to say.  Have others look at your work.  Read through your completed application one sentence at a time to see if the sentences makes sense.
  • You are welcome to ask the 4-H office to review and proof your 4-H applications but don't spring it on us at the last minute and expect us to drop everything to meet your deadline.
  • Start now by making lists, calendars and notes as to what you want to include in your applications
  • Remember the “more hooks you have in the water, the more fish you might catch!”