Staff Resources

Education Materials

Teacher Handout that explains our Nutrition Education Program delivery in the schools.

Parent Handout that explains Nutrition Education program to parents and provides "Tips for Families" (Spanish version)

Nutrition Display boards (click photos for larger view)

These displays were created by many staff and interns in the Klamath, Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson Counties.

Keep Food Safe this Season                                            Steps to a Healthier Life



Put a Rainbow on Your Plate                                            All Forms Count!


Summer Time Be Healthy                                                Stretch Your Food Dollar


How to prepare dry beans                                       Strong Bones


Build a Healthy Plate                                               Veggies & Fruits


Start your Head                                                     Sweetened Beverages

Color prints                                                                   Color prints



Parent Welcome Back - Fr & Veggies             


Steps to a Healthier Life

         Balanced Menu

         For your Breakfast you could have