Feeding Kids

Wondering how to get your child to eat healthy?

Every child is different in the way that they eat.  Some are are so picky they may refuse foods unless they are the "correct" color and others may have a bottomless pit for a stomach.  Knowing how to respond to your child will help you set them up for healthy eating habits that will last the rest of their life. 

Parents decide:

What foods to offer.  Offer well balanced meals and snacks.  When offering new foods, offer them with something your child likes.

When foods are offered.  Offer meals and snacks at regular intervals.  Each child is different, but offering food every 2-3 hours is a good rule of thumb.

Where food is eaten.  Eating at the table and with the family creates a healthy eating environment with fewer distractions and is an important time to connect with the family.

Kids decide:

Whether or not to eat.  Children's appetites can vary and sometimes they eat alot, other times not.  Avoid offering a favorite food if the child refuses to eat.  As a parent you are not a short order cook, and they can eat again at the next meal or snack.

How much to eat.  Offer small portions to start; this can cut down on wasted food.  Then let the child decide when they want more.


You're the Role Model!  Real life guide for parents on how to help kids eat right and be active from International Food Information Council at www.Kidnetic.com

 Tips for Families:  Spanish Version One page flier with nutrition & wellness tips from Klamath Extension.

Go to the Health and Human Services website to get more ideas on how to keep your child healthy.