Watershed and Natural Resource Education Kits

These kits are designed to assist educators in conveying broad concepts in the study of the natural world and aim to simultaneously provide local specifics that help students develop their relationship with the Klamath Basin. The following educational kits are available for loan by contacting the Klamath Outdoor Science School.   All equipment was purchased with the help of grant funds from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Klamath County Title III funds, and US Fish and Wildlife Service ERO. Call early to reserve your kit and ensure availability.

Click on kit names below to see pictures and descriptions.


Forest Monitoring Kits (3) Klamath Basin Birding Trail Education Kits(4) Dissection Kit
Forest Products Kit Macroinvertebrate Sampling Kits (2) Owl Pellet Kit
Forest Ecology Kit
Water Quality Test Kit Weather Kit
Tree Cookie Kits (2)
Enviroscape Kit

Entomology Kit
Soil Kit
Orienteering Kit Fish Kit
Begining Bird Kit Wildlife Kit Other Equipment


     OSU Klamath Extension Water Quality Kit     OSU Klamath Extension Macro Kit     OSU Klamath Extension Forest Monitoring Kit


All watershed and natural resource equipment purchased by KBREC is loaned to educators, but remains the property of OSU. Educators receiving OSU Extension Service equipment will be responsible for the following:

  • Equipment inventory, maintenance, repair and replacement of any lost or damaged equipment. Report all problems to program coordinator. You are financially responsible for all items.
  • Educators are responsible for pick-up and return of all materials from OSU Klamath Basin Research and Extension Office, unless separate arrangements are made with program coordinator.
  • Ensure that all equipment will be used. Any unused equipment should be returned to maximize use. Record number of people reached and number of times used.
  • Ensure that all data gathered through the use of the equipment will be made available to KBREC. Photos of equipment use are helpful for our grant-writing purposes.

Please contact Klamath Outdoor Science School to make reservations or inquire about the availability of these great kits.


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