Gardening for the Table

Home Gardening and Cooking

Growing food in short growing seasons like Klamath County can be a challenge. Learn from experts at Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center how to be successful--from growing "starts" to cooking garden vegetables.
Produced in 2008, each segment is about 3 minutes long.

 From Seeds to Starts 


 Preparing the Soil      


 Layout & Design of Garden


 Protecting Agains Frost


 Cooking Garden Greens


 Managing Common Garden Diseases and Insects


 Cooking Garden Vegetables:



More gardening resources:

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Blending Teaching, Learning and Technology  


Listen to interview with Jeff Hino, OSU Learning Technology Leader, as he describes new ways people are using technology to access information and learning. He describes how Extension Educators can and should invest in learning technologies such as in the video project listed above. 20 minute audio.

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