2014 Klamath County Fair


2014 4-H Horse Fair Dates: August 7-10, 2014

2014 Klamath County Fair Dates: August 14-17, 2014

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2014 County Fair Information & Deadlines

Digital 2014 Klamath County Fair Premium Guide available here.

4-H Premium Guide Excerpt available here.

July 3: 4-H/FFA Exhibition Entries (Animals) (Non-Animals) and Livestock Exhibition Agreement deadline.

July 10: Photo for Auction Sales Cards. Clubs will be taking their own photos again this year. Photos are due to the office July 10th.  Here are some parameters to follow to have a successful photo:

  1. Be sure that the faces of the animal and the youth are in close proximity. Last year we had some problems with either being able to show the animal or the youth but not both. The smaller the animal, the more likely this may happen. For sheep, goats, swine, etc. it’s best for the member to be kneeling close to the animal.
  2. If possible, please use a digital camera rather than a phone. Phone photos can end up grainy if they need to be resized.
  3. Be sure all photos are taken in a LANDSCAPE ORIENTATION (wider than it is tall).
  4. Save each photo as a jpg. Please use this format for creating a file name: SpeciesTagNumberLastNameFirstName. Here’s an example of what the file name should look like: sheep725jonesmichelle.jpg . It is very important that you follow this format.
  5. It is totally acceptable to email photos into the office. You can email them to sophia.carroll@oregonstate.edu . Sophia will confirm delivery of the email and photos (NOTE: She will be out of the office June 13-30). If you do not receive delivery conformation, please check with her to be sure they were received. You may also bring them in on thumb/flash (USB) drives.

July 15: Last date for clubs to request stall cards from the Extension Office. In years past, we created stall cards, but groups didn’t always use them. Last year we did not create any stall cards, but some would have liked to have them. This year we will only create stall cards upon request. So if you’d like stall cards created from ShoWorks, you must request them from Sophia on or before July 15.

July 21: All Leaders Meeting 6:30 pm

July 22: Clerks’ Training 5:30 pm

August 7-10: Horse Fair

August 14-17: Klamath County Fair




2014 Oregon State Fair

August 22-September 1, 2014

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