About 4-H

4-H Clover4-H is the world's largest & most dynamic informal educational program.
No matter where you live. . .
in the city, in the suburbs, or on a farm. . .
4-H has something for you!


The basic Oregon 4-H program is designed for youth in grades 4-12, along with 4-H Cloverbuds for youth in grades K-3. 4-H offers all of these youth an opportunity to grow and be challenged. There are almost as many project opportunities as there are youth to explore them. 4-H also offers adults the chance to get involved with the youth of their community and truly make a difference in their lives. Check out some of the many opportunities by clicking on your area of interest to the left.

Our focus is on teaching life skills. To emphasize this, most projects have an advancement program for the member to progress through the levels of expertise as they gain these skills.

Here in Klamath County we collect an annual, flat fee of $30 per member to cover all publications that a member needs; included in this fee is also an annual 4-H accident insurance fee. Enrolled 4-H leaders have access to pertinent 4-H publiations free of charge. We also collect an annual, flat fee of $10 per leader. The fee includes the annual 4-H accident insurance fees from all leaders, which is only $1 per person for most projects ($2 per person in the horse projects) and a mandatory donation to the Klamath County 4-H Leadership Association.

We also provide 4-H in some exciting formats beyond the traditional club structure, such as:

  • Short term projects & Special interest activities
  • Youth leadership retreats
  • Day camps & Summer youth camps
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