Oregon State University American Indian Initiatives

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History of the Office

The Office of American Indian Initiatives was established as part of the Minority Education office, which became Intercultural Student Services at OSU. Since the establishment of the new Cultural Resource Centers on campus, core responsibilities of the office have been incorporated into the new Native American Longhouse.

Currently, American Indian Initiatives has become a place for interested faculty, students and staff that want to contribute to enhancing the knowledge of and collaborations with Native communities in Oregon, the United States, and the World.

Original Mission Statement

Oregon State University is committed to providing students with an education that will not only enhance their professional lives, but their lives as human citizens in a global world. The American Indian Initiatives office is charged with the central goal of building the capacity and potential of American Indian students and American Indian communities.

To that end, the Office of American Indian Initiatives is responsible for the management of collaborative efforts between Oregon State University, American Indian student organizations, the Nine Sovereigns of the state of Oregon, and National American Indian Education organizations as well as Tribal Colleges. The Office was first created as the Indian Education Office under the leadership of Dr. Cassandra Manuelito-Kirkvliet, and operated as the central clearing house and access point for all Tribal information and programming. The Office continues with this vision and has the added dimension of determining campus policy in collaboration with other academic and administrative units on campus.

In consultation with the statewide Oregon Tribal Education Contractors, and subject to the review of the Vice Provost of Student Affairs, the Office of American Indian Initiatives is charged with the following:

  1. Developing and implementing strategic plans for the recruitment of American Indian students.

  2. Creating and implementing specific programs and events to enhance the University's visibility in reservation communities.

  3. Adhering to, and upgrading the management of Tribal relationships, and Memorandums of Understanding that exist with the Nine Sovereigns of Oregon as pursuant to Executive Order #EO-96-30.

  4. Maintaining liaisons with other campus programs and units, community groups, regional and national Indian organizations.

  5. Serving as the central access point for on-campus programs, Tribal education contractors, prospective students and parents, and others seeking information or services on or for American Indian students.

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