Center Fellowships for 2011

Visiting Research Scholars

Miranda Paton

Horning Postdoctoral Fellow in the History and Philosophy of Science
Dept. of History
"Vertebrate Paleontology and the Evolutionary Synthesis, 1894-1944"

OSU Research Scholars

Amy Below

Dept. of Political Science
“Environmental Foreign Policy in the New Millennium: Lessons from Kyoto in the Americas”

Norma Cárdenas

“Tex-Mex Borderlands: Mexican Ethnic Restaurants and Identity”

Patti Duncan

Dept. of Women Studies
“Saving Other Children from Other Women: Narratives of Rescue, Migration, and Illegitimate Motherhood”

Gary Ferngren

Dept. of History
“Medicine and Religion: A Historical Introduction”

Hannah Gosnell

"Rectification and Reterritorialization in the Klamath Basin"

Jonathan Kaplan

Dept. of Philosophy
“The Social and Biological Realities of Race”

Rebecca Olson

Dept. of English
“Weaving Device: The Arras in Early Modern Fiction”

Stuart Sarbacker

Dept. of Philosophy
“The Ecology of Contemporary Yoga: Philosophy, Economics, Politics”

Shiao-ling Yu

Dept. of Foreign Languages & Literatures
“Politics and Theatre in Twentieth-Century China: A Study of Lau She’s Dramatic Works”