Center Fellowships for 2010

Visiting Research Scholars

Liz Stillwagon Swan

Horning Post-Doctoral Fellow in the History and Philosophy of Science
"The Natural History of the Mind: From Biological Origins to 21st Century Technology "

OSU Research Scholars

David Bernell

Dept. of Anthropology
"The Curious Case of Cuba in American Foreign Policy"

Fina Carpena-Mendez

Dept. of Anthropology
"Seeds to the Wind: Growing Up Across Furrows and Borders in Neoliberal Rural Mexico"

Sebastian Heiduschke

Dept. of Foreign Languages & Literatures
"From Boring to Booming: Fan Cultures of East Germany's DEFA Cinema"

Anita Helle

Dept. of English
“Photo-signatures: Poetry, Photography, and the Changing Shapes of Literary Authorship since 1960”

Shelley Jordon

Dept. of Art
“Anita’s Journey”

Susan Meyers

Dept. of English
“Deo Otro Lado: Constructions of Literacy in Rural Mexico and the Effects of Transnational Migration”

Deanna Paniataaq Kingston

Dept. of Anthropology
“Niglarugut Ugiuvangmiuguruagut: We King Islanders are Wolf Dancing”

Keith Scribner

Dept. of English
“Connecticut Shade” (A Novel)