Center Fellowships for 2009

OSU Research Scholars

Evan Gottlieb

Dept. of English
"The Global Gothic: Tolerance, Aversion, and Cosmopolitanism in Ann Radcliffe and her Contemporaries"

Susan Jackson Rodgers

Dept. of English
"Is This a Good Time?" A novel

Janet Lee

Dept. of Women Studies
"Fallen Among Reformers: Miles Franklin in Chicago, 1906-1915"

Hua-Yu Li

Dept. of Political Science
"The Political Evolution of the CCP under Mao, Deng, and Their Successors"

Susan Shaw

Dept. of Women Studies
"Choosing the Better Part: Women, Faith, and Feminist Theology"

Jeff Sklansky

Dept. of History
"The Money Question: Currency in American Political Thought, 1700-1900"

Stacey Smith

Dept. of History
"California Bound: Unfree Labor, Race, and the Reconstruction of the Far West "