Center Fellowships for 2008

Visiting Research Scholars

Matthew Lassiter

Dept. of History
University of Michigan
"The Suburban Crisis: The Pursuit and Defense of the American Dream"

Chistopher Phelps

Dept. of History
The Ohio State University
"The Strike: A History of Ideas"

Matthew Rubery

Dept. of English
University of Leeds
"The Novelty of Newspapers: Victorian Friction after the Invention of the News"

OSU Research Scholars

Tracy Daugherty

Dept. of English
"Dante's Astronomer: A Biography of Mary Evershed"

Neil Davidson

Dept. of English
"A Different Difference: Jewishness, Masculinity, and Zionism from the Modern to the Postmodern"

Hung-yok Ip

Dept. of History
"Unbound Identity: Mohism for Nonviolence"

Ben Mutchler

Dept. of History
"According to their Abilities: Capacity, Disability, and Citizenship in an Age of Revolution"

Mark Porrovecchio

Dept. of Speech Communications
"Building the Perfect Beast: F.C.S. Schiller and the Rhetorical Style of Pragmatic Humanism"

Bill Uzgalis

Dept. of Philosophy
"The Letters of Anthony Collins & Samuel Clarke"