Center Fellowships for 2007

Visiting Research Scholars

Linda Leavell

Dept. of English
Oklahoma State University
"Marianne Moore: Possessed to Write"

Stephanie Ross

Dept. of Philosophy
University of Missouri-St. Louis
"Shared Taste, Critic Clusters, Bad Art"

OSU Research Scholars

Richmond Barbour

Dept. of English
"The Third Voyage: The East India Company Journals, 1607-10"

Neil Browne

Dept. of English
"Cascades Campus"

Joan Gross

Dept. of Anthropology
"Capitalism and Its Discontents: Investigating Foodways in Rural Oregon"

Robert Sahr

Dept. of Political Science
"Re-thinking Elements of Normative Democratic Theory in an Age of Social Cognitive Neuroscience and Voter Micro-Targeting"

Marjorie Sandor

Dept. of English
"The Oud Player: A Novella"

Bryan Tilt

Dept. of Anthropology
"Environmental Justice in China: Problems and Prospects"