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'A better place because of this good man' | The Center for the ...
A distinguished professor emeritus of history at OSU, Robbins is in residence at
the Center for winter and spring terms as an Honorary Fellow while working on a
biography of Sweetland. Sweetland's papers are archived with the Oregon
Historical Society Research Library n Portland, and in a rare and generous move,
the ...
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Center for the Humanities Lecture Schedule Winter 2012
Research Fellow, History Faculty, School of History/Philosophy, OSU. 30. The
Social and Biological Realities of Race. Jonathan Kaplan, Center Research
Fellow,. Philosophy Faculty, School of History/Philosophy, OSU. February. 13. A
Difference of Opinion about 'Definite Variations': Henry Fairfield Osborn, Thomas.
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Humanities Newsletter spring 2012.pmd
Apr 27, 2012 ... behavior, to active involvement in politics and organizations. Yoga: deep ecology
or power builder? The Center has named seven OSU faculty members as
resident. Research Fellows for 2012-13. OSU Fellows receive one term of
support to be relieved of teaching and other responsibilities, though they are.
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Weston book leads to documentary film | The Center for the ...
Contact Info. Copyright ©2018 Oregon State University Disclaimer. OSU Center
for the Humanities Autzen House 811 SW Jefferson Avenue Corvallis, OR 97333-
4506 541.737.2450 centerforthehumanities@oregonstate.edu.
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There is no better visual artifact to record history | The Center for the ...
Marks and Froehlich are Graphic Design faculty members in OSU's College of
Business. Marks has already established herself in poster research through her
project on Polish posters, which resulted in the widely-screened film Freedom on
the Fence. Froehlich is well grounded in digital arts and D.I.Y. (Design it Yourself)
, ...
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Hua-Yu Li | The Center for the Humanities | Oregon State University
Hua-Yu Li. Dept. of Political Science. Year Start: 2009. Year End: 2010. First
Name: Hua-Yu. Last Name: Li. Portrait: Researcher Origin: OSU Research
Scholars. Project: "The Political Evolution of the CCP under Mao, Deng, and
Their Successors" ...
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PDF Newsletter
OSU's School of Language, Culture, and Society, Kingston has a personal as
well as a scholarly understanding of shifting views of native culture. As a member
of the Ugiuvangmiut who grew up in Oregon, she said, her. “initial tendencies
were to try to repudiate my own upbringing in western society.” Now she sees
value in ...
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2011 Fall Newsletter
Center is accepting applications from OSU faculty members interested in. 2012-
13 Research Fellowships for the resident research program. Each year the.
http://oregonstate.edu/dept/humanities/sites/default/files/newsletter/2011-fall.pdf -
The Center for the Humanities
December 12, 2008, those for OSU fellowships by Tuesday, January 20,. 2009.
Awards to both Visiting. Fellows and OSU Fellows for 2009-. 10 will be for one or
two terms,. Novelists found treasure in agony columns, shipping news. Matthew
Rubery. If Charles Dickens were alive and writing today, he might well find.
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Mohist nonviolence requires 'letting of of self' | The Center for the ...
Such letting go of the egocentric self, says Research Fellow and OSU historian
Hung-yok Ip, “is a malleable mode of self-formation which I would like to call
unbound identity.” The question of how to construct such a non-egocentric self
lies at the heart of her research into nonviolence and the formation of moral
philosophies, ...
http://oregonstate.edu/dept/humanities/mohist-nonviolence-requires-039letting-self039 - 30k
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