Riparian and Grassland Invertebrate Ecology

Project Leader: Sandra DeBano, Invertebrate Ecologist

My research focuses on the roles that terrestrial invertebrates play in linking riparian areas with adjacent streams and uplands, especially in arid and semi-arid lands. Current research interests include examining the effect of various aspects of riparian condition on the abundance, diversity and community composition of terrestrial invertebrates, and how these effects are translated through food webs involving fish and wildlife in adjacent streams and terrestrial uplands. I am also interested in how riparian condition affects the density of pest and beneficial invertebrates in agricultural lands next to riparian areas. Other research interests include the development of terrestrial invertebrate indices of riparian condition that can be used for biomonitoring riparian restoration efforts and examining the impacts of livestock grazing on invertebrate communities.

Balancing Ecosystem Services in Semi-Arid Agricultural Lands in an Uncertain Future