Project Leader: George Clough, Emeritus Associate Professor, Research Horticulture/Olericulture

Research in crop production systems, irrigation, crop nutrition, and quality, with both existing and new high-value crops. Projects include: evaluation of commercially-acceptable varieties of fresh-market and processing crops for adaptability to distinctive Columbia basin climate (2) development of appropriate uses of drip irrigation, polyethylene mulches and row covers to promote earlier harvest and increased yields of high-quality produce (3) refinement of recommendations for fertilizer sources, rates, and placement with both drip-irrigated, polyethylene-mulched vegetable production systems and sprinkler-irrigated processing crops such as onion and potato (4) improvement of irrigation and fertilization technologies to minimize negative impacts of agricultural practices on the environment testing and evaluation of new production technologies.

Commercial Sweet Corn Common Smut Resistance Variety Trial, 2010

Nitrogen Fertilization Rate and Plant Population Affect Yield and Quality of Drip-Irrigated Bell Pepper

Spunbonded Rowcover and Calcium Fertilization Improve Quality and Yield in Bell Pepper

Watermelon Variety Trails

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