Agronomy and Soil Quality Program

The Agronomy Lab is located in the Don Horneck Memorial Building at HAREC. Our lab is carrying out extension and research programs in soil fertility/water management, irrigated high-value crop production (potatoes, cereals, alfalfa, grass seeds, peppermint, etc.), reuse of waste water and by-products from local processing plants, and environmental quality and soil health. We offer expertise on a wide range of topics to the general public, growers, and fieldmen in the area. We provide educational pesticide and CCA licensing opportunities for local growers and fieldmen. Our primary concerns are profitability and environmental sustainability of local cropping systems and soil resources. For more information, contact the project leader, Ruijun Qin.


Special Interests:

  • Nutrient/water management and soil quality/health under different agronomic practices (irrigation, fertilization, manure, crop rotation, tillage, and pest control)
  • Crop production and cropping system
  • Re-Use of waste water and by-products from local processing plants.
  • Root and rhizosphere and their interaction with the environment
  • Emissions (fumigant, N2O, and NH3) monitoring and reduction
  • Biochar, organic amendment
  • Soil reclamation through agricultural management and phytoremediation
  • Soil fumigation and pest control
  • Fate and transport of pesticides and other pollutants in soil
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