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Thesis Guide


You must prepare your thesis according to the guidelines in the Online Thesis Guide (PDF).

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At least 2 weeks Before Your Final Oral Examination

  • Use online form to schedule your final oral examination.
  • Distribute a defendable copy of thesis to your committee.
  • Deliver or email pretext pages of your thesis/dissertation to the graduate school.

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Final Copy

Copies of all master's and doctoral theses are placed in the University Library for public access. The deadline for submitting your final copy of your thesis to the Graduate School is within six weeks after your final exam or before the first day of the next term, whichever comes first, to avoid having to register the next term for a minimum of three graduate credits. Further delay may also result in re-examination. See Deadlines for the current academic year.

When you submit library copies of the thesis to the Graduate School:

  • Include one acceptable reproduction of the thesis (unbound) on 25% cotton bond, 20-lb. minimum-weight paper. You can have up to two copies printed at no charge from the Student Multi-media Services in the Valley Library.
  • Upload one PDF of your thesis to ScholarsArchive following step by step guidance. For additional information refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Signatures on the Abstract and Approval pages must be original. Note: It is your responsibility to obtain all required signatures (except the Graduate School Dean's signature) on the thesis/dissertation.
  • Submit your paper copy in a manila clasp envelope to the Graduate School with a copy of the title page taped to the front of the envelope. Include your contact information on the title page.
  • Provide 2 extra title pages for the certification process
  • Complete the online Graduate School Exit survey at- Exit Survey . Once done print page with 'Certificate of Survey Completion' and bring to the grad school to receive a gift as a token of our appreciation.

Thesis/dissertations are sent to the library after degrees are certified. Thesis/dissertation may be returned if there are missing pages or not meeting thesis guideline requirements.

You may limit the accessibility of your thesis to only people at Oregon State University for a period of one year. If you do so, the document will not be accessible to the world via the World Wide Web.

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Doctoral Students additional documents

If you are a doctoral student, follow the above instructions, and:

  • Include an extra copy of the abstract page(s) on the 25% cotton bond paper with original signatures
  • Include an extra title page on cotton bond paper
  • Complete the thesis microfilming forms available at Publishing agreement . All major U.S.colleges and universities have entered into agreement with ProQuest. Under this agreement, doctoral dissertations at Oregon State University must be archived. Please enter the username "dissertations" and password "publish" when prompted. Under 2012-2013 Agreement forms (United States) select 2012-2013 FTP/CD UMI Dissertation Publishing Submission Agreement(PDF). Print and fill out pages 4 and 5, page 6 is optional.
  • Complete the online Survey of Earned Doctorate at Survey. At the survey registration website you will be asked to provide your name, institution, department, graduate month and year, and an email address and then go directly into the survey. An email with the URL of the online survey, plus a PIN and password will be sent in case you suspends the survey and need to go back at a later time without losing previous responses. When complete print the Certificate of Completion and submit to the graduate school.
  • Pay ProQuest archiving fee, $25, $80 if paying for copyright (optional), at the Cashier's office located on the first floor in Kerr Administration Building.
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For more information or to request this restriction, contact the Graduate School Thesis editor at (541)737-1466.

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