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McNair Scholar Incentive Program

The McNair Scholars Program is the nation's leading pipeline of low income/first generation undergraduate students, many from underrepresented minority groups, who have been prepared for doctoral study and eventual careers in the professoriate. The program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and is housed at over 150 U.S. colleges and universities. Selection as a McNair Scholar is the result of a highly competitive process, and signifies academic achievement and the potential for future success in graduate study. Universities across the country offer McNair Scholars a variety of funding incentives to recruit them for graduate work. The following information outlines McNair Scholar incentives available at Oregon State University.

Graduate Application Fee Incentive - The Graduate School will waive the graduate application fee on behalf of McNair Scholars who seek admission for graduate study at OSU. To access this financial incentive, applicants first must contact Fran Saveriano in the Graduate School prior to submitting an online OSU graduate application. Interested applicants will be asked to provide evidence of their status as a McNair Scholar before beginning the application process. The required documentation is typically in the form of a signed letter from the applicant's McNair director attesting to the applicant's participation and completion of the McNair program. The director's letter should be sent electronically (PDF preferred) to Fran Saveriano. Upon verification, the McNair applicant will be provided a user login and pin to complete an online graduate application.

Graduate Tuition Remission Incentive - The Graduate School may provide tuition remission to qualified McNair Scholars who gain admission to a graduate degree program at Oregon State University. This support will be provided under the Targeted Graduate Tuition Scholarship Program upon the recommendation of the student's graduate program director for the first OSU graduate degree sought. The Targeted Graduate Tuition Scholarship provides full tuition remission as determined by the student's residency status.

Targeted Graduate Tuition Scholarships may be provided to former McNair Scholars for up to two years for master's students and up to four years for doctoral students. Graduate assistantships offered by the student's academic program count toward this McNair financial incentive.

The McNair Scholar Incentives Program enables OSU to guarantee former McNair Scholars no less than full tuition remission for the time period specified above if they choose OSU for graduate study and are admitted to a graduate program.

Graduate programs may make requests for tuition remission support for McNair Scholars through the Graduate School's Targeted Graduate Tuition Scholarship Program.

Exclusions: The MBA program is administered by the College of Business and MBA applicants do not qualify for the Graduate School's McNair Scholars Incentive Program. Interested students should contact the College of Business to explore related opportunities. Students applying to graduate programs that are delivered through Extended Campus (distance delivery) are eligible for only the application fee incentive. Students enrolled in Extended Campus (also known as E-campus) graduate degree programs are ineligible for the McNair tuition remission incentive. Questions about this E-campus distinction may be referred to Fran Saveriano.