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Applying to the MAIS Program


Applicants to the MAIS program will specify three different fields of study. One will be designated as a primary field and the others as second and third fields. The three fields must be integrated so that they can help to focus on and add insight to a particular issue or problem.

Those applying to the MAIS program must first decide which three fields they wish to pursue. Any graduate major or minor may serve as a field for this degree, provided that the department or program participates in the MAIS degree. (See the Graduate Catalog for a list of participating programs ) Looking at the different departments and programs on the OSU website – courses, faculty interests – will help applicants make this decision. Two of the three fields may be in the same department if there are distinct, approved areas of concentration in that department. For example, in Speech Communication, applicants may select Rhetoric and Interpersonal Communication as two approved areas of concentration within that department, and then select a third field of study from a different department.


Before applying, it is important for prospective students to contact the MAIS Director to communicate their interests and goals, and to discuss the three fields of study they are interested in.

It is also important for applicants to contact the graduate advisors in the different fields (departments) they are exploring. Graduate advisors can inform you about their graduate offerings - what to expect, the types of courses you will take, what requirements they have - and help provide guidance as to whether a particular field is right for you.

You will also need to find out if departments and programs require GRE scores, if they have application deadlines earlier than the MAIS program, and if they require you to secure a faculty advisor in their program before you can be admitted. Some departments and programs have requirements that exceed the MAIS program requirements.

You do not need to select the courses you will take, or determine all the members of your committee before applying. These things are to be completed after you are admitted and begin your studies.


Once a decision is made regarding which fields of study to pursue, prospective students will submit an online application to OSU Graduate Admissions. Using the online application process, you will submit the application and the statement of objectives. All other materials must be sent separately to Graduate Admissions. Send all MAIS application materials directly to Graduate Admissions. Do not send these items directly to the departments or the MAIS Director.

A complete application, which must be complete by March 1, will include:

  • Application form
  • Statement of objectives
  • Transcripts
  • Three letters of reference
  • TOEFL Scores (International students only)
  • Check or money order

The statement of objectives should describe what you want to study and why you are choosing an interdisciplinary degree. The instructions for your statement are:

"Discuss the three areas of study you are proposing, how they fit together to lend themselves to interdisciplinary study, and the rationale justifying why an interdisciplinary degree is being sought, as opposed to a degree based in a single discipline. Also discuss how your proposed academic objectives will help you meet your career goals or other goals beyond earning the MAIS degree. The statement should be 750-1000 words."


The MAIS accepts applications once a year. The deadline for applying is March 1, prior to the fall term you wish to enter the program. Students in the US and international students have the same deadline.

NOTE: Some departments and programs have earlier deadlines, and will only consider an application that arrives by their specified deadline. When you contact the graduate advisors in your three proposed fields of study, be certain to check on application deadlines.

NOTE:  The application process has changed. After Winter 2014, the MAIS program will no longer accept applications on a rolling basis, and students will not be able to begin any term during the year.


All complete applications will be reviewed by the MAIS admissions committee, by each program or department specified on the application, and by the OSU Graduate Admissions office. These reviews will happen concurrently. In order for your application to be accepted, the following has to happen:

  • The MAIS admissions committee approves the application
  • All three departments or programs approve the application
  • You meet all OSU university-wide requirements
  • You receive a formal letter of acceptance, either electronically or on paper

If you are not admitted into one or more of the fields you apply to, you will not be accepted. If only one field of study has denied your application, you may choose to select another field to substitute for that one, and have your application reconsidered. You will not need to resubmit all the applications and forms, but you will have to resubmit a revised statement of objectives, discussing the new distribution of fields of study. If you choose to do this, you will need to communicate with the MAIS Director.

See the MAIS admissions process as described in full on the MAIS website.

Financial Aid

The MAIS Program does not provide financial aid directly to students. Some departments and programs provide assistantships or other support to MAIS students. You will need to contact the programs and departments directly to see what resources may be available and what application deadlines exist. The link below provides additional information about financial aid.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Additional Information

A minimum of 30 credits must be earned on the Oregon State University campus. For details, please refer to the residency requirements, as outlined in the Graduate Catalog.

The MAIS degree has no foreign language requirement.