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Interdisciplinary Programs

Applied Economics Graduate Program

The Applied Economics graduate program offers curricula that provide, at both master's and doctoral levels, a foundation of rigorous courses in economic theory and quantitative methods. Areas of concentration are available in resource and environmental economics, trade and development, public health economics, and (for the MA/MS only) transportation economics. Students employ economic theories, principles, and methods to examine real-world problems with significant attention to data and institutions.

Environmental Sciences Graduate Program

The goal of the program is to develop scientists who are able to analyze and understand environmental systems, predict environmental change, and participate in the management of the environment. The Environmental Sciences Graduate Program can lead to a master's or doctoral degree in biogeochemistry, ecology, environmental education, natural resources, quantitative analysis, social science, or water resources.

Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS)

The MAIS degree program is designed to allow students to formulate a program of study that integrates work from three separate fields. Any three fields of study at Oregon State University may be used in putting together a program of study for the MAIS degree. Any graduate major or minor may serve as a field for this degree. The three fields must be integrated through the course of study to focus on and add insight to a particular issue or problem.

Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) Program

The graduate program in Molecular and Cellular Biology strives to prepare its students for careers in forefront areas of biomedical, environmental, and agricultural science by focusing on research and education in fundamental aspects of mechanistic biology. Students in the MCB program share elements of a common curriculum: core courses, a seminar and journal club series, research rotations, and a series of faculty research presentations. They are brought together weekly for scientific seminars where the opportunity for interacting with students and faculty from other departments is available.

Water Resources Graduate Program

Water resources are central to Oregon's well-being and development, and OSU is the state's flagship university for training water professionals with a rich roster of faculty and courses already in place. The Water Resources Graduate Program at Oregon State University awards M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. The Program includes core course requirements and additional work concentrated in specific degree programs in Water Resources Engineering, Water Resources Science, or Water Resources Policy and Management.