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Award Winning Students

The OSU Graduate School is pleased to announce the newest graduate members of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.

Christopher Scott Bielecki, MF, Forest Engineering
Michael Chad Bolding, PhD, Forest Engineering
Mary Katherine Gfeller, PhD, Math Education
Joel Nathan Hartler, MS, Forest Engineering
Hsiao-Fang Huang, MAIS, Psychology
Yiyun Jie, Med, Education
Terry Amanda Lueker, MS, Forest Engineering
Hamish Douglas Marshall, PhD, Forest Engineering
Kevin J. McGuire, PhD, Forest Hydrology
Danielle DeMersseman Smith, MS, Forest Engineering
Ben D. Spong, PhD, Forest Engineering
Elizabeth Myers Toman, PhD, Forest Engineering/Civil Engineering
Brian Vaea Tulikihihifo, MA, MAIS
Willem Johan van Verseveld, PhD, Forest Hydrology

Phi Kappa Phi is dedicated to the recognition and encouragement of superior scholarship in all academic disciplines. The organization was founded in 1897, differing from any honor society then in existence in that it honored high achievement in any academic or professional field. The society’s motto, Philosophia Krateito Photon is translated as “Let the love of learning rule humanity.”

Phi Kappa Phi came to Oregon State University in 1924, and since then has honored thousands of undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and alumni by inviting them into membership. Each year, the OSU chapter offers a Freshman Writing Award to two undergraduates, and an Emerging Scholar Award to recognize outstanding non-tenured faculty. It also co-sponsors the annual Biology Colloquium.

OSU has an exceptional record of success in the national Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship Competition. For seven of the last 10 years, our students have been among the 60 selected for this prestigious award. This year, Zoology student Thomas Young received the fellowship. Young is a first-rate student, and has an amazing array of community service projects to his credit, in activities ranging from the Greenhouse Gas Research Team to international ambassador.

“The national Fellowship Competition is a very tough process,” says Forestry professor John Sessions, who heads the committee that selects one OSU student for nomination each year. “It takes more than good grades to win. You have to be someone who makes a significant contribution to your fellow students, to your school, and to your community, while at the same time thriving under a heavy course load. We’re lucky to have an outstanding selection of students to compete at that level.”