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Mandatory Health Insurance Enrollment

Effective fall 2009, graduate fellows will be provided support for health insurance coverage while on active tenure under their graduate fellowship appointment. Health insurance coverage for the duration of a graduate fellowship is mandatory. Fellows who do not either enroll in the health insurance plan or waive out of the plan will not be permitted to register for OSU credits.

To ensure timeliness of the health insurance benefit, graduate fellows must complete the health insurance enrollment or waiver form prior to the start of their appointments. Failure on the part of the graduate fellow to enroll in or waive out of the health insurance plan may have an impact on the graduate fellowship appointment. Information regarding the health insurance plan may be found at

At this time, OSU offers graduate fellows health insurance coverage under the graduate assistant health insurance plan during the period of the qualifying fellowship appointment. Graduate fellows may also elect to enroll family members and/or a domestic partner on a self-pay basis.

The graduate fellow-only premium is subsidized at the same rate (currently 85%) as for graduate assistants. There is no provision for subsidy during periods when the fellowship is inactive. However, COBRA benefits may be extended to those whose appointments have ended.