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Electronic Thesis Transmission

All thesis submissions must be in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Pro is the preferred software for making PDF documents. This is available in the Milne Computing Center.

Prepare your Document for Submission

  1. Name your PDF file using this format: LastNameFirstNameMiddleInitialGraduationYear.pdf (e.g. JohnsonEmilyA2009.pdf)
  2. Make your PDF Accessible. For detailed instructions see the Scholars Archive Accessibility Submission Guide
    1. Include descriptive Properties (Title and Author) so that your work appears in web search results.
    2. Include language Properties to assist search engines and speech synthesizers.
    3. Make the document accessible to screen readers, by adding "Accessibility Tags".

Login to Scholars Archive Website

  1. Go to ir.library.oregonstate.edu
  2. Click "Login" and entering your ONID name (e.g., johnsoem) and password.
  3. Click on “Start a New Submission”.
  4. Choose collection: Electronic Theses and Dissertations.

Complete the Online Form

  1. Multiple titles: Does your thesis have multiple titles? This rarely happens. Leave the box unchecked.
  2. Published: Check This box even though your thesis hasn’t been officially published. Checking the box will allow you to add a date to your thesis later in the submission process. Click Next.
  3. Author: Enter your last name in the first box, e.g., Johnson. Enter your first name and middle initial (with a period) in the second box, e.g., Emily A.
  4. Title: Enter the title of your thesis.
  5. Advisor: Enter your advisor’s last name, first name and middle initial.
  6. Committee Member: Enter your committee member’s last name, first name and middle initial. Click on Add to enter another committee member, until all committee members have been listed.
  7. Date of Issue: Enter the year, month and day listed on your thesis or dissertation. This is usually your presentation date.
  8. Abstract: Copy and paste the abstract from your PDF file. Don’t worry about proper formatting for diacritics, mathematics symbols, etc. Library staff will format these before uploading your thesis or dissertation.
  9. Keywords: If you need to add additional words, click on Add. Click Next.
  10. Degree Name: The name of your degree.
  11. Degree Level: Click on either Master or Doctoral.
  12. College/Department: Click on the name of the college or department.
  13. Granting Institution: Click on Oregon State University
  14. Type: Click on Thesis/Dissertation.
  15. Copyright Date: Enter the date from your copyright page. The copyright date is usually the same as the presentation date. Use YYYY, name of month and day.
  16. Graduation Date: Use the year of your commencement, e.g. Graduation Date: 2012.
  17. Language: Choose the language of the main content of the thesis or dissertation.
  18. Subjects, LCSH; Digitization Specifications; Relation; Additional Information: Skip. These fields are for library use only. Click Next.
  19. Document File: Click on Browse locate your PDF file and Open.
  20. File Description: Enter the title of your thesis or dissertation and add ’.pdf’, e.g., Remote sensing and image interpretation.pdf. If you have another file click Upload file & add another.
  21. Click on the file name(s) to verify that the correct file(s) are (were) uploaded. Click Next.
  22. Review your submission. Correct any mistakes by using the Correct one of these buttons. Once everything is correct, click on the Next button at the bottom of the page.
  23. Creative Commons License: You may add a Creative Commons License to your item that allows copyrighted works to be shared and re-used. Select either "License Type: Creative Commons" or "License Type: No Creative Commons License"DO NOT select "Public Domain" or "CCO". DO NOT assign a Creative Commons license if you plan to place an embargo on your thesis or dissertation that allows only the OSU community access to your work.Click Next
  24. Read the license and click on I Grant the License. Click on Complete submission.

Logout of Scholars Archive Website

  1. Look under My Account on the left hand side of page. Click on Logout.

Your submission is now complete. Contact Patti Black (patricia.black@oregonstate.edu; 541.737.7263) or Sue Kunda (sue.kunda@oregonstate.edu; 541.737.7262) at OSU Libraries if you need help with the submission process.