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LASSO Local Attractions

Oregon in October

Weather in Oregon can be unpredictable in October. In the Corvallis area the average high temperatures this time of year are in the mid or high 60s with lows in the 40s. Days can still be quite dry and sunny, but they can also be marked by long periods of light rain and overcast skies. Locals usually layer clothing in order to be ready for just about anything, and outdoor events tend to go on as planned despite the occasional drizzle.

Local Attractions

Take advantage of the group rates at the Hilton Garden Inn Corvallis before or after the conference and get to know Oregon!

Around Corvallis

                       Corvallis Courthouse                      Riverfront Park

Marys Peak

Corvallis has a vibrant downtown area with historic buildings, shops, restaurants, and a pedestrian-friendly riverfront park. Corvallis Transit buses provide easy access to downtown from the OSU campus and the Hilton. If you have a car available, it's just a short drive to Marys Peak, the highest point in the Oregon Coast Range.

Oregon Coast

Oregon CoastOregon Coast

The scenic coastal town of Newport is located under an hour's drive from Corvallis. Newport is home to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Hatfield Marine Science Center, Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area and several spectacular state parks. Oregon law prohibits private ownership of coastal land, so the whole thing is there for you to explore.

Cascade Mountain Range

Three Sisters

Oregon Cascades

If mountains are more your speed, the Cascade Range lies just 30 miles east of Corvallis. If you can spare the time, the 1880's-styled town of Sisters (pop. 1,660) is worth the drive. Just another 30 miles or so beyond Sisters is the thriving central Oregon community of Bend, home of the new OSU Cascades Campus.

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