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Comunidad de apredizaje

The Spanish learning community (or Comunidad de aprendizaje) is an intensive, team-taught course in which about 25 undergraduate and graduate students and three faculty members explore a single theme (Liderazgo for spring 2013) through academic engagement and service-learning with Spanish speaking communities.

We have several objectives, among them the following:

-Think critically about the ways in which English-speaking and Spanish-speaking populations interact in the United States and abroad.

- Gain an understanding of how Latinos are impacted by beliefs and institutional practices that promote the inequitable distribution of power and resources.

- Develop civic engagement skills for positive social change: communication, organization, collective decision making, and critical thinking.

- Understand ways in which language and race intersect with gender, sexual identity, and social class to create or maintain systems of oppression.

- Adjust personal attitudes and behavior to reflect a commitment to establishing social equity.

- Facilitate the empowerment of the local Latino community through collaborative research and public service.

-Developing communication skills in Spanish.

We’ll take up this year’s service-learning projects in Woodburn, with our community partner PCUN. We will be collaborating on various projects, from Radio Movimiento programming, to facilities improvements on CAPACES (a leadership institute), to advocating for community members with their employers or government entities.

This is an opportunity for Oregon State Spanish students to make contact with Spanish-speakers in the area, making real change in the community and simultaneously developing professional and inter-cultural communication skills both in and out of the classroom. We’d like others to know.