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Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs

The department participates in three certificate programs. Certificates must be done in conjunction with a regular degree program. They typically represent less course work than a major, but more than a minor. Students who wish to earn a certificate should contact one of the advisors listed below before beginning work on the program. Successful completion will be indicated on official transcripts at graduation.

Language in Culture Certificate Program

The Language in Culture Certificate is awarded to students who have studied the connections that exist between language communities and their practices and beliefs from an interdisciplinary perspective. This program is highly recommended for students from native communities who are interested in participating in language preservation activities. Please consult one of the program directors for more information.

Program Info (ANTH) | OSU Catalog | Joan Gross, Co-Director | Juan Antonio Trujillo, Co-Director

Latin American Affairs Certificate Program

The Latin American Affairs Certificate recognizes students who have gained an understanding of political, social, linguistic, and cultural issues in Spanish-speaking communities in the Americas. The core of the program comes from the Spanish and History programs, with electives available in Philosophy, Spanish, History, Ethnic Studies, and other disciplines.

OSU Catalog | Juan Antonio Trujillo, Director

Russian Studies Certificate Program (Suspended)

The Russian Studies certificate is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge and understanding of Russian affairs, past and present. This interdisciplinary program examines the language, history, politics, economics, and culture of Russia from the tenth century to the present. The RS Certificate may enhance career opportunities in business, education, library science, and various public or private agencies concerned with relations between the United States and Russia. It also provides a background for undertaking graduate work at other universities in Russian economics, history, language and literature, political science, or international studies. The Russian Studies concentration is available to all students.

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