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2005-2007 Revisions

Student Employment Policy & Procedure Manual
Section: Manual Revision Record
Effective: 06/13/2006



Date Policy Summary of Change
9/10/2007 STU EMP 102-03b
STU EMP 103-03b
STU EMP 104-03b
STU EMP 202-03b
STU EMP 203-03b
STU EMP 204-03b

Added number 4, which is a link to Student Employee Exhibit 1 (Student Employee Work Performance Summary).

STU EMP 202-02

Under #2b, updated link to Student Employment Application.

Under #7.a.4, updated link to the U.S. Citizen Immigration Services web site.

STU EMP 302-02 Under $6, updated link to wages.
7/23/2007 STU EMP 501-06
STU EMP 101-06
STU EMP 201-06
STU EMP 301-06
STU EMP 500-03

Updated the policy title, purpose, background information, and policy (Student Employment Records and Academic Records).

Added new Exhibit, STU EMP-Ex10.

6/22/2007 STU EMP 101-07
STU EMP 101-08
STU EMP 201-07
STU EMP 201-08

STU EMP 301-07
STU EMP 301-08
STU EMP 501-04
STU EMP 501-05
Updated the link for the Sexual Harassment and Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity.


Date Policy Summary of Change
8/10/2006 STU EMP 202-03f
Work Schedule Limitations
Updated the maximum number of hours graduate students may work and added information under the heading "Additional Duties."
6/13/2006 STU EMP 503-01
Posting A Job
Lowered the minimum number of days a student employment position is posted on the Beaver Recruiting web site.
Records Retention
Added this new topic to STU EMP manual.
STU EMP 520  Changed section number 510 to 520 to accommodate the addition of STU EMP 510: Records Retention.
5/05/2006 STU EMP 102-03f
STU EMP 202-03f
STU EMP 512-02
STU EMP 514-02
Updated the required number of credit hours needed to be taken by student employees and the corresponding number of permitted work hours.
1/06/2006 STU EMP (All Sections)
Grievance Process
Added contact information for the Student Advocate.


Date Policy Summary of Change
12/15/2005 STU EMP-Ex9
Student Employment Application Form
Added STU EMP-Ex9 to manual.
12/01/2005 STU EMP 502-04
Hiring Checklist for Student Employment
Added requirement that student job postings will be for a minimum of 7 business days.

STUEMP 503-01
Posting a Job

(1) requirement that student job postings will be for a minimum of 7 business days.

(2) Reserved positions are exempt from the minimum 7 day posting because they are not open for application.


Can I Reserve a Work Study Position for a Specific Student? (EEO Guidelines)

Added exhibit to manual.
8/01/2005 Entire Manual Revised entire contents of manual.

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