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903: Separation from Employment

Student Employment Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 900: Job Performance and Separation from Employment
Effective: 04/02/2013
Revised: 10/10/2013


A student employee or a supervisor may end the student’s employment at any time and for any reason.  Student employment at the University is at-will employment, meaning that the employment relationship may be terminated at-the-will of either party unless a law, rule or policy prevents the separation.

As good practice, if the student employee is being terminated due to lack of acceptable performance, the supervisor should notify the Office of Human Resources, Employee Relations section prior to informing the employee. The student employee should be provided with an opportunity to correct the performance and succeed.  Clear reasons should be given for the termination and the student should be provided with the opportunity to discuss the termination with the supervisor.

Resignation or termination may be given verbally: however, students and supervisors are strongly encouraged to provide such notice in writing so as to eliminate confusion or misunderstanding.  

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