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Ex5: Sample Offer Letter

Student Employment Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 100: Introductory Material
Revised: 08/01/2005


Name/Address of Selected Candidate
Dear (name of candidate):

I am pleased to offer you a part-time position as (classification title) in the department of (department name), effective (effective date). Your salary will be $(salary rate) per (hour).

As a student employee of Oregon State University, your duties are specifically described in the position description for the job you have been selected to fill.

Please note that you will need to make available to department personnel your original Social Security card in order to complete university employment documents when you begin your position.


This position does not offer any benefits beyond the hourly wage.


This position does not meet the criteria for exemption from the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act; thus, you will be eligible to receive overtime compensation, as appropriate.  Overtime requires prior approval from your supervisor.

If you accept this offer, please sign below and return this letter to me by (date).  You may make a copy for your records.



(Hiring Supervisor’s Name)

(Hiring Supervisor’s Title)

I accept this offer of employment as outlined in this letter.


Signature                                                                   Date

C:        Department Head

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