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105: Non-Affiliated Student Organization (NSO) Overview & Registration

Student Organizations
Section 100: Student Organizations
Effective: July 1, 2010
Revised: September 5, 2013


A Non-Affiliated Student Organization (NSO) is an organization that is not affiliated with the University in a formal way and has no formal benefit with the exception of a listing on the annual organization list.  NSOs are classified as any non-OSU organization or person that/who seeks access to University-controlled benefits and resources. 

In order to be identified as a Non-Affiliated Student Organization, organizations must meet the University’s standard of care for all activities and events held on the Oregon State University Campus and:

  • Complete the registration process on an annual basis that includes:
    • Submit an Organization Information Form
  • Maintain a majority of OSU student members
  • Maintain a minimum of 10 currently enrolled OSU students
  • Operate within established business practices for all on campus activities

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