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104: Voluntary Student Organization (VSO) Overview & Recognition

Student Organizations
Section 100: Student Organizations
Effective July 1, 2010
Revised: September 5, 2013


A Voluntary Student Organization (VSO) is a student organization composed of 100% Oregon State University students that contributes to the mission and culture of the University.  The activities, events and operations of these organizations are not classified as official university business and do not represent the University.  VSOs have access to or may apply for certain University-controlled benefits and resources.

In order to be recognized as a Voluntary Student Organization, the organization must be under the direction and control of OSU students and:

  • Complete the registration process on an annual basis that includes:
    • Submit an organization information form
    • Submit club constitution/governing documents and any revisions
    • Complete Risk Assessment
  • Agree to comply with Standards of Conduct for Recognized Student Organizations (http://arcweb.sos.state.or.us/pages/rules/oars_500/oar_576/576_015.html) and maintain accountability for any applicable University policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Maintain 100% OSU student membership
  • Maintain a minimum of 4 currently enrolled OSU students
  • Maintain good standing with the University, all governing boards to which the organizations belongs and all chartering, sponsoring or governing organization with whom the organization affiliates
  • Submit and event report for all on-campus activity through the student organization on-line reporting system a minimum of two weeks in advance of the event

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