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Ex2: Safety Training Identification Worksheet

Safety Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 000: Introductory Material
Revised: 10/01/2001

Safety Training Decision Matrix

The following code indicates available options for obtaining training:

A = Training performed by EH&S
B = Training performed by supervisor with or without materials provided by EH&S
C = Training obtained from an Outside Training Provider (competent person from another OSU department or outside training firm.)

Provide safety training if employee Uses Any Of The Following Equipment:

Tractor or other heavy ag equipment B,C Fork lift B,C
Ladder or scaffold B,C "Powder" acuated tool C
Manlift/vehicle mounted work platform B,C Fume hoods A,C
Video display terminal A,C Signs, signals, barricades B,C
Power tools B,C Fire extinguishers A,B,C
Welding equipment B,C Hand tools B,C
Personnel protective equipment B,C Industrial truck A,B,C
Eye wash or safety shower B,C Respirator A,C
Fall arrest system B,C Mechanical power press B,C
Office equipment B,C Chemical or chemical compounds A,B,C

Provide safety training if employee Performs Any Of The Following Tasks:

Lift, push, pull, bend, or stand constantly A,C Trims trees B,C
Enters a confined space A,C Responds to chemical spills C
Repairs or installs pitched roof B,C Works with or around electricity B,C
Drives university vehicle B,C Food service work B,C
Performs maintenance at greenhouse B,C Recharges storage batteries B,C
Excavates or digs trenches B,C Works with human blood or body fluids A,B,C
Services multi- or single-piece wheels B,C Performs mandatory first aid B,C
Transports or packages hazardous waste A,B,C Packages or receives hazardous materials A,B,C
Removes asbestos C Diving B,C
Works with equipment that must be locked or tagged out to prevent accidental injury B,C Removes lead base paint A,B,C

Provide safety training if employees Work In An Area Containing:

Asbestos A Radioactive materials or ionizing radiation A,B
Noise exceeding 80 dBA A,B,C Laboratory chemicals A,B,C
Hazardous chemicals A,B,C Carcinogens A,B,C

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