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807: Salvage or Cannibalization of Equipment for Parts

Property Management Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 800: Equipment Disposal
Effective: 07/01/1996
Revised: 09/10/2007


To manage the disposal of salvaged or cannibalized capital equipment and to ensure compliance with federal and university requirements.

Background Information

Departments can use components from outdated or nonfunctional equipment to build or repair other equipment.


Departments may salvage or cannibalize obsolete or nonfunctional equipment upon obtaining approval from Property Management. 


Responsible Party Action
  1. Prepare a list of potential equipment to be salvaged or cannibalized.
  2. Submit list to Property Management and requests approval to salvage or cannibalize equipment. 
Property Management
  1. Audit the asset record to see that the property is OSU-owned and not accountable to a current grant or contract, and that the Surplus Property Program could not get a better value by reselling the property for the department.  (Note:  This process is usually completed over the phone in just a few minutes.)
  2. Approve or disapprove request and notifies department of decision.
  1. If approved, submit a Property Disposition Request (PDR) Form to Property Management. 
Property Management
  1. Remove equipment from inventory. 

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