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804: Surplus Property

Property Management Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 800: Equipment Disposal
Effective: 07/01/1971
Revised: 07/15/2014


All University owned property that is worn-out, obsolete or excess to the institution’s needs, or otherwise unsuitable for intended use must be disposed of through OSU Surplus Property.  Agriculture Experiment Stations, extension offices and other remote sites must arrange for surplus items to be disposed of by the Surplus Property department in Corvallis.  Surplus property is taken on a consignment basis.

All sales of University owned property to outside individuals or agencies are prohibited except for sales through the Surplus Property department.

University owned property that has been authorized for disposal by transfer or trade-in is exempt from disposal through OSU Surplus Property.

Disposal of University owned Property Procedure

Responsible Party Action
  1. Complete a Surplus Property Pick-up Request that lists all items with their appropriate property tag number to be collected.  This request is available on the Surplus Property Website.
Surplus Property
  1. Review list and verify that all capital assets are eligible for collection and disposal.  (Surplus Property will not collect or dispose of federally or other owned property.)   
  2. Collect surplus property and relocate it to surplus warehouse. 
  1. Compare items on list to the original pickup request and communicate any discrepancies to Surplus Property.
Surplus Property
  1. Make property available to OSU departments, state agencies or other authorized non-profit organizations.
  2. Property not purchased internally will be made available at public sales.
  3. Proceeds from the sale of surplus property (less consignment fee) are returned via a journal voucher in the month after the sale occurred.

Note: There are restrictions on the disposal of any asset included on the Historic Properties Register. These items may be transferred to another OSU department or another state agency. If a unit no longer wishes to keep an asset marked as Historic Property, it should be sent to Surplus Property. Surplus Property will contact the State Parks and Recreation Department (which now handles Historic Properties) and request that they claim the asset or release it for sale or other disposition. 

Any equipment on inventory will remain on inventory for record-keeping purposes until it is sold or otherwise disposed of.  Property Management within Business Affairs will then remove it from inventory.

Some equipment may be difficult or inconvenient to move to the surplus warehouse.  In these cases, Surplus Property will arrange the sale of the item at its current location and coordinate dismantling/moving the equipment when the item is sold. 

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