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2012-2013 Revisions


Date Section Summary of Change
March 27 1100: Payroll Records fixed broken link and updated text
May 7 Ex 1: Unclassified Appointment Information Matrix Added column for Unclassified Hourly - Teaching
June 6 501: Classified Pay fixed links under section 501-03c(1)


Date Section Summary of Change
Dec 27 002: Definitions
004-01: FAQ for Employee
004-02: FAQ for Department
Fixed and Added links to MyOSU througout the sections
Dec. 20 002: Definitions Updated entire section
  004: Frequently Asked Questions Updated content throughout entire section and divided into 2 pages;
004-01: FAQ for Employee;
004-02: FAQ for Department
Sept 11 603-01: Base Pay Added Hourly Base Pay code UT
  Ex. 1: Unclassified Appointment Information Matrix Added E-Class UT
  401-03a: Index & Account Code Updated link for Unclassified/Faculty Earn Codes
June 4 203: Federal College Work Study Program Student Employees Updated entire section
  1001: Charges for Other Payroll Expenses (OPE) Updated text under bullet 10987
  202: Non-System Student Employees Updated section 202-04
  201: Oregon University System (OUS) Students Updated section 201-04
March 8 1002 Amounts
Updated link for Budgets OPE Tables
March 19
201: OUS Students
Updated entire section
March 19 401: Unclassified Appointment Updated entire section
May 7 701-01b: Collection Action Updated first paragraph

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