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302 Distribution of Tuition Remission Charges to Pay Indexes

Payroll Policy and Procedure Manual
Section 300: Payment of Graduate Student Employees
Effective: 01/01/2001
Revised: 12/27/2011

  • 302-01 Graduate School Requirements to receive Tuition Remission
  • 302-02 Student Accounting Tuition Remission Process
  • 302-03 Payroll Process for Distributing Tuition Remission

Eligibility requirements for tuition remissions are established by the Provost's Tuition Remission Policy and by the collective bargaining agreement between OSU, OUS and the Coalition of Graduate Employees (CGE).  See the Graduate School web site for additional information.  Student accounting processes tuition remissions and charges the expense to a clearing fund.  It is Payroll’s responsibility to distribute those charges from the clearing fund to the appropriate department and/or grant funds.

302-01  Eligibility Requirements to Receive Tuition Remission

  • Be a regularly admitted, conditionally admitted, or provisionally admitted graduate degree-seeking student at Oregon State University.
  • Enrollment in a minimum of 12 credit hours each term of the appointment during the academic year, 9 credit hours during summer session (see Graduate School website for additional information). Graduate assistants who are members of the Coalition of Graduate Employees, American Federation of Teachers, Local 6069 must enroll for a minimum of 12 graduate credits each term of the appointment during the academic year, and 9 graduate credits during summer session.  Audit registrations and enrollment in OSU Extended Campus and other self-support programs may not be used to satisfy enrollment requirements for graduate assistant salary/stipend, tuition remission, or health and wellness benefits. 
  • Assistantship appointment per 13-week term of at least 20% and not more than 49%.
  • A graduate assistant on less than .49 FTE may take on extra duties; however, the total stipend plus salary from the Oregon University System shall not exceed the equivalent of .49 FTE for any term.

302-02  Student Accounting Tuition Remission Process

  • Graduate Assistant Job forms are completed by Business Center or employing department.
  • Job forms are reviewed and approved by Business Ctr HR, then forwarded to BC Payroll.
  • BC Payroll processes Job forms and completes data entry in Banner.
  • Student Accounting runs a process that verifies the student’s enrollment and posts the tuition remission to the student’s account.  This process charges the cost of the tuition remission to a clearing fund.

302-03 Payroll Process for Distributing Tuition Remission

  • Set up position C69999 with a job suffix of FR for the Graduate.
  • Process a non-cash earn code, “AGF” that allows an employer deduction to process.  This deduction credits the clearing fund and debits the fund used to issue pay.
  • If pay index is not prohibited from paying the tuition remission, that index is charged, using account code 10951.
  • If the pay index is prohibited from paying the tuition remission, a cost share index is charged, using account code 10952.

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