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202: Non-System Student Employees

Payroll Policy and Procedure Manual
Section 200: Payment of Student Employees
Effective: 01/01/2001
Revised: 06/04/2012


Non-System Student Employees

Students enrolled at a non-OUS school and employed by OSU. Enrollment requirements and hiring procedures are available through the Student Employment Policy and Procedures Manual.



202: Non-System Students Employees

202-01 Payment Process

  • After logging onto the Oregon State Central Administrative Resources (OSCAR) use the Job Tasks menu to initiate pay authorization for initial student hires or to change hourly pay rates.
  • Each Business Center creates, routes and approves the Job Tasks via EPAF processing.
  • Enter monthly timecard date in PYAHOUR for all hourly paid students.  See the HRIS time entry manual on the HRIS website.
  • Archive a copy of the time sheet as specified by Archive Law.  The Department / Business Center copy is the official copy of record.  See the Archives website for retention periods.


202-02 Job and Labor Distribution Tasks

202-02a New Hire / Job Change Tasks
  • The Job Tasks menu is used to authorize pay for initial appointments and report hourly pay rate changes.
  • After logging into the (OSCAR) website, go to Business Center Tasks and complete the appropriate online task.
  • Each Business Center creates and routes the Job Tasks via EPAF processing.


202-02b Labor Distribution Form
  • The Labor Distribution Form is used to report changes to prior, current, or future distributions.
  • To access this task, log onto OSCAR, click on "Payroll Changes" and click on "Job Labor Distribution Change" (excel format). It can also be found in the Downloadable Forms.
  • Redistributions are entered by the Business Centers in PYAREDS and the record of copy is kept there.


202-03 Pay Methods - Hourly Pay/Default

202-03a Hourly Pay
  • Hourly pay is used for all non-system student pay.
  • Pay is issued for the period from the 16th of the prior month through the 15th of the current month and identified as current month pay.
  • Payroll data is entered in PYAHOUR during time entry each month.  Refer to the Payroll Calendar for specific dates.
  • Refer to Undergraduate Student Earn Codes for the correct Earn Codes and Account Codes to use.


202-04  OPE (Social Security & Retirement) for Non-System Student Employees

Non-system students are fully subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes and ineligible for the student Medicare and Social Security (FICA) exemption. Non-system students also become retirement eligible after working for 6 months and at least 600 hrs in a calendar year. 


202-05  Accounting for Labor Charges

Labor is charged to specific indexes and account codes.  Use of activity codes is the choice of the department.


202-05a  Index & Account Code
  • Must be an open and valid index owned by the employing department.
  • This index should remain open through the last day of the month pay is issued to the employee. Otherwise, it may error out when posting to finance.
  • Refer to Undergraduate Student Earn Codes for account code information.


Additional Information

The following chart provides a summary of data by student employment type.

Student Employment
Category Paid Hourly Work Study Default Hours Non-System
Position C50XXX C50XXX C50XXX C55XXX
Suffix 00 00 55 00
Account Code 10501 10503 10501 10501
Employee E-Class XA XA XA XA
Job E-Class XA XA XA XA
Pay Schedule Mid-Month Mid-month Monthly Mid-Month

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