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Manual Revision Record (MRR)

Procurement and Contract Services Manual
Section: Manual Revision Record
Effective: 04/27/2005


Date Policy Summary of Change
3/14 303-004: Purchase Order Terms and Conditions updated links
3/14 303-009: Purchase Order Trade-Ins updated link to PCC 301-008
3/14 202-002: Purchase Authority updated Dollar Threshold numbers
3/14 317-001: Visiting Campus updated links


Date Policy Summary of Change
01/11 203-002: Ratification of Unauthorized Purchases or Contracts Updated entire section
01/11 003: Exhibits

Updated exhibits for

01/11 103-003: Purchase/Payment Fragmentation Added Payment to title and text
3/12 301: Purchasing
Added reminder that departments and BC should have their agreements vetted for other department policies
301-007: Vehicle Purchase and Leasing (Passenger Vehicles) minor updates 
3/12 301-012: Audit Services Deleted.  Public Entities Outside the State of Oregon - Chapter 190 approval removed due to SB 242.  legal review no longer required.
3/12 301-012: Audit Services Added new policy "Audit Services".
3/12 301-013: Legal Review Changed to reflect post SB 242 changes
3/12 301-001: Facility Modifications Updated to reflect BOLI PWR considerations
3/12 303-002: Business Center Purchase Orders Updated to reflect BOLI PWR considerations.  Reference made to exceptions.
3/12 303-003: Departmental Purchase Orders Updated to reflect BOLI PWR considerations.    
3/12 303-005: Purchase Order Changes and Cancellation Changed to reflect Banner system limitations
3/12 303-006: Purchase Order Completion grammatical changes
3/12 303-110: Exchange of OSU Goods or Services for Discounts "Generally" added at beginning of sentence
3/12 303-012: Purchase Order Exception List This section was broadened to include more categories as allowed.  Procedure was added and 
3/12 304: Invoices Corrected grammatical errors and clarified invoice "Completion".
Department titles updated.  Linked to FIS Policy 1108 Approval Routing 
3/12 305: Commodities Prohibited for Purchase with State Funds website links updated
3/12 306: Purchasing and Payment Methods Clarification added
3/12 306-001: Procurement Card Procurement card link added
3/12 306-002: Purchase Orders clarifications added
3/12 306-003: Store Credit Accounts and Applications grammatical changes and clarification of the process added
3/12 306-005: Auto Pay Vendors Links added and department name clarified
3/12 306-005: Auto Pay Vendors department name clarified
3/12 307-003: Environmental Education Grammatical changes
3/12 308: Informal Solicitations Grammatical changes
3/12 308-001: Request for Quotes (RFQ) grammatical changes
3/12 309: Formal Solicitations Grammatical changes
3/12 309-002: Request for Proposal (RFP) Grammatical changes
3/12 312-002: Additional Purchase Based on a Previous Solicitation Changed to reflect SB 242 changes
3/12 312-005: Sourcing website links updated
3/12 312-007: Pre-Proposal/Pre-Bid Meetings grammatical changes
3/12 312-008: Solicitation Questions Clarification added 
3/12 312-010: Determination of Responsiveness grammatical changes
3/12 312-011: ITB/RFP Department Review grammatical changes and clarification of the process added
3/12 313: Purchases Exempt from Competition removed listing and referenced Oregon Administrative Rule since the listing was confusing
3/12 315: Purchasing from Existing Contracts Clarification added
3/12 315-001: OSU Contracts and Price Agreements Grammatical changes
3/12 315-003: Western States Contracting Alliance website links updated
3/12 315-005: Other Contracts and Cooperatives Clarification added
3/12 315-006: Contracts Issued By Other Public Agencies Clarification added and changed made to reflect SB 242 changes
3/12 316: MWESB, Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities and Oregon Commission for the Blind Grammatical changes
3/12 316-001: Minority, Women, and Emerging Small Businesses (MWESB)Affirmative Action Changes made to reflect OUS MWESB policy now in place
3/12 316-002: Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities (QRF) grammatical changes
3/12 317-001: Visiting Campus reference to smoke-free-campus policy made
3/12 317-002: Vendor Parking minor updates to reflect TAPS parking policies for vendors
3/19 500: Construction Updated all sections under 500
3/19 003: Exhibits Removed link for Request for Ratification of an Unauthorized Commitment Form
4/30 312-006: Legal Review updated entire section
6/25 302-002: Purchase Requisition PRocessing Timeline Replaced $99,999.99 with $149,999.99 to reflect new formal procurement level per updated OAR
6/25 308: Informal Solicitations Replaced $99,999.99 with $149,999.99 to reflect new formal procurement level per updated OAR
6/25 309: Formal Solicitations Replaced $100,000 with $150,000.00 to reflect new formal procurement level per updated OAR
8/1 003: List of Exhibits Updated link for Business Credit Information
12/24 101: Employee Ethical Conduct Updated to add and include c) The Employee must complete the "PaCS Disclosure of Real or Potential Conflict of Interest" form and submit to PaCS for review.


Date Policy Summary of Change
4/16 401-007 Non-Negotiable Public Contracts removed section
11/20 000: Introductory Material Updated PaCS Manager title to Chief Procurement Officer.  Added and removed some definitions
11/20 100: Introduction Updated PaCS Manager title to Chief Procurement Officer.  
11/20 200: Authority and Records Removed references to pre-Senate Bill 242 requirements.  Updated PaCS Manager title to Chief Procurement Officer. 


Date Policy Summary of Change

200: Authority and Records

Updated content throughout entire section
10/04/2011 001: Introduction Removed 1st paragraph
09/23/2011 000: Introductory Material 8/5/11 Updated some introduction and  definitions.  Removed some definitions that aren't utilized in the Policies and Procedures Manual.  Removed some exhibits from 002 and added Exhibit "NOTICE OF POTENTIAL OR REAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST" and "COMMODITY LEASE INTAKE FORM".  Removed 004 Frequently Asked Questions. UPDATE- 09/23/11 Added definition for Trade Services
08/05/2011 100: Purchasing and Contract Ethics Section 101-002 Contracting with Current and Past OSU Employees previously under development was added under new title "Purchasing from or Contracting with OSU Employees, Relatives of OSU Employees or Member of the OSU Employee's Household.  101-003 OSU Employee Honorarium Guideline updated.  Added a Notice of Potential or Real Conflict of Interest form.  101-006 Personal Purchases using OSU Contracts updated.  102-004 Endorsement added.  103-001 Authority to Purchase changed to Authority to Purchase or Enter into Contracts and moved to 103-002.  103-001 now Ethics Statement for Employees in the Procurement Process - new policy and procedure per OAR and new process facilitated through OUS.  Subsequent titles moved down and renumbered.  104-001 Declaration of Conflict or Potential Conflict of Interest updated.  104-003 Conflict of Interest Violations Pertaining to Use of Federal Funds added


Date Policy Summary of Change
01/04/2010 All Complete revision of all policies and procedures implemented due to new Oregon Adminstrative Rules in 2008 and removal of Research Contracts from PaCS in 2006


Date Policy Summary of Change

PaCS 303
Bidding Process

Updated link to Microsoft Work-AT-Home Distribution Procedures.


PaCS 302-02
Bidding Process

Corrected dollar level under "Guidelines for Procurements."


Date Policy Summary of Change

PaCS 200
Research Contracting & Subcontracting

This section has been removed from the PaCS.

Policy and Procedures manual as it is now under the administration of the Office of Sponsored Programs. (Please see their manual for guidance.)

2/28/2007 PaCS 101-04
OSU Internal Controls Policy
Changed language from "Purchasing Authority Guidelines and Purchasing Authorization" to "Departmental Purchasing Guidelines" in the Departmental Expenditure Authorization section, and made minor textual edits. 


Date Policy Summary of Change
11/09/2006 PaCS 101-04
OSU Internal Controls Policy
Updated compliance guidelines for department authorization designations.
9/13/2006 PaCS 403
Personal Service Invoice (PSI) vs. Personal/Professional Services Contract (PPSC)
Changed "FY" in the first bullets under Policy to "calendar year."
7/17/2006 PaCS 101-02
Department of Justice (DOJ) and Other Reviews and Thresholds
Added or updated the information in the first two bullet points in the POLICY section under "For Construction Processes" pertaining to "$25,000 - formal construction process threshold" and $50,000 - Bureau of Labor & Industries (BOLI) threshold per project (not per contract).
PaCS 304-02
Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) Prevailing Wage Law (PWR)
Updated the APPLICABILITY section.
PaCS 304-04
Bidding Process
Updated the DEFINITION section and the POLICY section for contracts for projects using a non-standard (RFP, Design/Build or CM/GC) procurement process.
PaCS 304-012
Revised what types of contracts need to be sent to the Department of Justice for legal sufficiency review in PROCEDURE section under "A".
PaCS 304-14
BOLI / Prevailing Wage Rate Payment Bonds
Integrated information into 304-02: Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) Prevailing Wage Law (PWR) and Payment Bonds.
5/01/2006 PaCS 101-03
Signature Authority
Updated the list of personnel who have signature authority.


Date Policy Summary of Change
12/22/2005 PaCS 301
Preferred Purchasing and Payment Methods for Small Dollar Purchases (Procurements Under $5,000)
Added information that prohibits personnel from using purchasing methods for the sole purpose of obtaining personal rewards (e.g. airline mileage on personal credit cards, rebate programs including personal Costco accounts and other credit cards, etc.).
6/30/2005 PaCS 302-06
Procurements not Requiring a Purchase Order (PO)
Added additional commodities and services to the list of items not requiring a purchase order (PO) in the policy section.
PaCS 304-14
BOLI / Prevailing Wage Rate Payment Bonds
Added policy to PaCS manual.
4/27/2005 All PaCS policies and procedures Combined Purchasing Manual & Contracts Handbook to create the PaCS Manual. Updated all policies and procedures and reformatted contents to comply with the PPMM Program.
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