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507-04: Procurement Method Determination

Procurement and Contract Services Policy & Procedures Manual
Section 500: Construction
Effective: 7/01/2010
Revised: 3/19/2013


While OSU may elect to act as the “general contractor” on small construction-related procurements by issuing separate contracts or purchase orders for different trades and/or portions of the work, this process is not appropriate for all projects, and will generally be limited to projects with a total direct construction value of less than $100,000 and consisting of no more than three separate work packages (i.e. furniture, flooring, and painting) with no less than two of those services being procured through an existing price agreement.

For Public Improvement projects or for on-site services portions of mixed contracts with total values of less than $100,000, the determination of whether or not to permit multiple purchase orders/contracts will be based on the following:

  • Project includes mechanical, electrical and/or plumbing trades;
  • The ratio of goods to on-site services;
  • Whether other contracted construction or installation services are being held at the same general time and within the same general area of the job site;
  • Complexity of the work;
  • Project requires professional design services;
  • Availability of in-house project management services; and

Other factors that may indicate possible risks.


PaCS will be the final authority on whether to issue a single “general contractor” procurement or issue multiple purchase orders/contracts to construct the project in these instances with consultation and a decision by the Design and Construction Associate Director or Construction Contracting Supervisor.  The act of splitting the construction delivery packages does not influence or impact the other necessary requirements such as types of bonds or insurance required, alter the applicability to Oregon Prevailing Wage law, etc.

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