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404: Contract Processing

Procurement and Contract Services Policy & Procedures Manual
Section 400: Contracts
Effective: 7/01/2010


404-001: Department Review & Input Prior to Submittal

Departments will first review the contract to be certain the department and contractor are in agreement with the expectations or obligations in the contract.  If they cannot comply then they should discuss this and come to a mutual agreement articulated in the scope of work. 


404-002: Contract Submittal and Routing

Departments should submit the contract to their Business Center who will forward to PaCS for review and execution.  PaCS will coordinate all other necessary reviews.  PaCS may also work with the vendor and provide them with an OSU contract or negotiate the vendor’s contract terms and conditions.  Copies or electronic images of the contract are acceptable.


404-003: Contract Review

Under Development.


404-004: Signature Prior to Commencement:

Contracts must be signed by an OSU person with contract signature authority prior to commencement of work.  Contracts not signed prior to commencement will be considered unauthorized.


404-005: Electronic Signatures

Signatures on contracts must be inscribed on paper by hand.  Electronic signatures are not acceptable. 


404-006: Signatures prior to PaCS Review

Contracts which arrive already signed by the contractor without prior PaCS review, might not be accepted. PaCS advises against departments accepting agreements that have been signed prior to review. 


404-007: Signatures after PaCS Review

Generally the agency responsible for drafting the contract or agreement should sign the document last.  This allows the other agency time to review, negotiate and make changes with the drafting agency before execution.


404-008: Contract Amendments

Contract amendments may be made pursuant to OAR 580-061-0065. 


404-009: Amendment of Expired Contracts

Contracts should be amended or extended in advance of the expiration of the contract. Extension of an expired contract will be at PaCS discretion.


404-010: Certificate of Insurance Processing

Requests for Certificates of Insurance (COI) will only be processed when there is a contract in existence that has been reviewed by PaCS, executed by someone with contract signature authority and the contract document requires proof of insurance.  Requests for Certificates of Insurance must be made to Risk Management.

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