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204: Records and Reporting

Procurement and Contract Services Policy & Procedures Manual
Section 200: Regulations and Authority
Effective: 01/04/2010
Revised: 11/20/2012


204-001: Records Retention

By law, all records (paper and electronic) are required to be maintained for a certain period of time according to a schedule established by the Oregon Secretary of State Archives Division.  In general, all records including procurement records are subject to retention requirements as set forth in Oregon Administrative Rule 166-475.  A General Retention Schedule is available on the Oregon University System Records Management website:  http://www.ous.edu/about/records/retention-schedule   Documentation of purchasing and contracting transactions will be made available for inspection by OUS Internal Audit Division, Federal, State and Granting Agencies upon request.  The department, Business Center or PaCS will be responsible for maintaining the records for those purchases or Contracts for which they have authority to complete.


204-002: Public Records

OSU records are public records and are subject to the Oregon Public Records Law contained in ORS 192.


  1. Periodically, there may be a request to see or obtain copies of public records. Requests should go through the procedures for making public records requests which are available at: http://oregonstate.edu/legal-counsel/node/3
  2. OSU may charge its costs for responding to public records requests.  In response to public records requests, estimates of the costs will first be provided, which includes the cost per page for copies at the then current established fee and the hourly rate of the persons responding to the request.  PaCS will use the lowest hourly rate employee available and able to respond to the request. 
  3. The estimate will be provided to the requestor who must decide whether they want to proceed.  Requested documents will not be provided until payment to cover the estimate has been made.  After gathering documents, the requester may need to pay additional costs or may receive a refund depending on the accuracy of the estimate.


Additional Information:

Oregon Revised Statute 351

Oregon Revised Statute 192

Oregon Administrative Rule 166-475

Oregon Administrative Rule 580-042-0010

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