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102: Interaction With Vendors

Procurement and Contract Services Policy & Procedures Manual
Section 100: Purchasing and Contract Ethics
Effective: 01/04/2010
Revised: 08/05/2011


102-001: Vendor Gifts or Entertainment

An employee, relative or member of the household may not solicit or receive gifts with an aggregate value in excess of $50 during a calendar year, or receive payment for expenses for entertainment from a single source that has an interest in the agency in which the public official works.  Additionally, employees may not accept a favor, gratuity or special consideration from Vendors and Contractors doing or seeking to do business with the University in order to influence a purchase or secure a Contract.


102-002: Vendor Employment Promises

Employees may not solicit or accept the offer, pledge or promise of future employment based on an understanding that the employee will influence a purchase or Contract award for their future employer while still employed by OSU.  Employees involved in the preparation, solicitation, evaluation, award or approval of a solicitation or execution of a Contract may not be employed by the Contractor for a period of one (1) year.


102-003: Impartiality

Employees will conduct themselves and represent OSU in a manner which exhibits fair and impartial treatment to all Vendors.


102-004: Endorsement

OSU does not endorse goods or services offered by Vendors without entering into an endorsement agreement executed by a Contracts Officer detailing the terms and conditions under which such endorsement will be allowed.  Employees shall refrain from representing or implying that OSU will endorse a Vendor’s goods or services outside of an endorsement agreement.

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