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703: Costs Not Covered by Motor Pool

Motor Pool Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 700: Rates & Billing
Effective: 02/01/1982
Revised: 07/01/2006



To identify the costs not covered by the Motor Pool. 


All departments and individuals who use Motor Pool vehicles.


The following costs are the responsibility of the driver and driver’s department: 

  1. All fines or traffic violations incurred by drivers of Motor Pool vehicles.  University funds may not be used for payment of fines/violations.
  2. Vehicle damages resulting from abuse, neglect, or the driver’s intentional action.
  3. Vehicle damages in the event of unauthorized use.
  4. Costs relating to other-than-normal vehicle expenses including towing charges, vehicle damage, and accessory installations and removals (radios, etc.).
  5. Cleaning accumulated food, paper, etc. left by users, including detailing, if necessary.
  6. Payment of any deductible associated with an employee's accident that occurred while driving a Motor Pool vehicle.

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