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503: Fueling a Vehicle

Motor Pool Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 500: Using a Vehicle
Effective: 02/01/1982
Revised: 07/01/2006



To provide a cost effective and convenient manner to fuel of vehicles.


All departments and individuals involved in the renting and using of Motor Pool vehicles.


Gasoline Powered Vehicles

Motor Pool vehicles located on the OSU main campus must fuel up at the Motor Pool, located at 3200 Campus Way between 30th and 35th streets in Corvallis.  The cost of fuel is included in the per mile rate.

Diesel Powered Vehicles

Motor Pool vehicles that are diesel powered are permitted to fuel up at any diesel location.

Vehicle Fuel Cards

Motor pool vehicles requiring fuel when away from the campus may use the vehicle fuel card located in the glove compartment.  The fuel card may be used only for gas, diesel, oil and emergency repairs that have been authorized by the Motor Pool.  The card must be returned with the vehicle.  When traveling to urban areas, customers should remove the fuel card and keep the card with them until they return to the vehicle.

Before fueling, make every attempt to verify that the station accepts the fuel card.  The Motor Pool will reimburse the driver for fuel purchases where the fuel card is not accepted.  Original receipts (marked with the customer's University ID number, office address, and signature) will be required to process reimbursement.

The fuel card and receipts for purchases must be returned with the vehicle.  Any unauthorized purchases will be billed to the department requesting travel, along with a penalty fee.  Lost fuel cards should be reported immediately to the Motor Pool at (541) 737-4141.  A fee will be assessed if the fuel card is lost.

Gas Cans

Gas cans MUST BE REMOVED from the vehicle and placed on the ground before filling.  When a gas can is on land (as compared to in the bed of a pick up truck) it is grounded which eliminates the sparks caused by static electricity.  This procedure for filling gas cans will eliminate the risk of fires and dangerous situations.

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