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501: Vehicle Use

Motor Pool Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 500: Using a Vehicle
Effective: 02/01/1982
Revised: 07/01/2006



To identify the authorized and unauthorized uses of Motor Pool vehicles. 


All departments and individuals who use Motor Pool vehicles.


Persons meeting the requirements established in MPL 201: Authorized Drivers & Passengers and MPL 202: Age & License Requirements who read, agree, and abide by the Motor Pool policies may use a Motor Pool vehicle for official University purposes within the driver's scope of employment or duties, regardless of the source of travel funds. 

Motor Pool vehicles must be operated within the laws, rules, and regulations of the State of Oregon.  Drivers must use Motor Pool vehicles in a manner that will not reflect unfavorably on the University.  Motor Pool vehicle use privileges may be withdrawn from persons for inappropriate use of a Motor Pool vehicle.  See MPL 203: Suspension of Vehicle Use Privileges.

Prohibited uses of Motor Pool vehicles:

  • Office travel to home
  • Personal use

Prohibited Conduct in Motor Pool Vehicles

  • No consumption of alcoholic beverages or possession of alcoholic beverage containers (empty or full) are allowed in Motor Pool vehicles.
  • Smoking is not permitted in Motor Pool vehicles
  • Cell phone use is prohibited/restricted in some states when driving.  Although recognizing that circumstances will not always permit strict adherence, the Motor Pool recommends that the driver safely stop and park the vehicle to use a cell phone.

Altering or Defacing a MPL Vehicle

  • No advertising of any kind is permitted on MPL vehicles. 
  • No stickers or decals are permitted on MPL vehicles unless they are OSU related (such as "GO BEAVS" or "Beaver Nation") and do not interfere with the driver's vision or create a blind spot. 

Modifications to a MPL Vehicle

  • No modifications may be done to a MPL vehicle unless the expressed written consent is obtained from the MPL manager or MPL Shop Supervisor.

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