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700 Disaster Recovery

Information Security Policies & Procedures Manual
Section 700: Disaster Recovery
Effective: 01/11/2010


The purpose of this section is to outline the Disaster Recovery Plans that are in place or in progress.


Disaster Recovery is part of planning for every department at OSU.  The overall campus plan envisions coordination in an Emergency, with the expectation that university departments are ensuring the survivability of their critical assets, maintain the functioning of their critical assets as long as possible, and will be able to resume their normal function after the Emergency is over and the recovery begins.  For Information Security there are two critical areas where planning is required to meet these objectives: the Banner System (with critical Enterprise Information) and the campus Communications System.


701-01 Enterprise Computing

Enterprise Computing maintains a disaster plan for the Banner systems.  The current copy is managed by the Director of Enterprise Computing and can be reviewed upon request.


701-02 Communications Systems

Network Services is responsible for both the phone and data networks on campus and maintains a disaster plan for those networks.  The current copy is managed by the Director of Network Services and can be reviewed upon request.

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